Move In Day– 5 Things You Should Know!

Unbelievable! The summer is almost over and classes will be starting soon! Plus, some of you can say “Marriott, here I come!” because you will be living there for the academic year while attending BenU at Mesa. Everything seems to be going by so fast and sometimes the panic attacks kick in. What do I need to take? I wonder how my roommate is going to be! What about the meal plans? A ton of questions arise when “Move In Day” is around the corner. Here are five things/tips you should know to help you get rolling (and help you avoid the moments of panic):

  1. Pack the “Bare Necessities” as quoted from Zinch (a scholarship engine). In a dorm, the space is limited and eventually a ton of things will accumulate, for now pack the things that are absolutely needed; you do not want to overpack! What do I mean by “bare necessities?” Well, this includes items for shower/bath (hygiene), laundry, sleep, storage, a microwave and some entertainment. Here is a great website to utilize so that you learn “How to Not Look like a Freshman,” check it out! It includes– with more detail– what you should pack when moving into the dorms.
  2. Inform yourself about what is already being provided. Read the housing agreement and even the manuals. Go online and see what the expectations are, too. There are certain items that you may not be able to take with you. Also, don’t be afraid to email and ask questions about move-in day; you don’t want to regret not having known something. The Phoenix Marriott Mesa will be providing its student residents with the following:
    • Full-size bed
    • Desk and chair
    • Dresser
    • A 20 percent discount at Phoenix Marriott Mesa’s Café Azul restaurant and room service
    • A 20 percent discount at the coffee bar inside the Phoenix Marriott Mesa
    • Private bathroom
    • Mini-fridge
    • Free high-speed Internet
    • Flat screen and cable television

    You can also view this list and more on Benedictine University at Mesa’s Student Life web page at

  3. Make a list! Make that a ton of lists.  At this point in time, you are so overwhelmed about all the to-do items that making a list wouldn’t hurt, that way you don’t forget something (especially if you are moving far from home). Making various lists will help, too, because there are certain items you cannot leave behind from home and there are other items you don’t want to forget to buy at the store.
  4. Contact your roommate! It’s important to contact them not only because you will be living together in the same space for the next year or more, but also because you can share certain items to save space in the dorm. For example, two mini-fridges are not needed and neither are two microwaves. Decide on who can bring what and share!
  5. Have fun! I know that this is probably an obvious one, but sometimes with all the stress of moving out and moving in, we forget to smile or have a laugh every once in awhile. You want to make the best of your life transition to college, that includes move-in day. Yes, it is probably the most exhausting day of college life, but it is all worth the sweat in the end! Also, have fun by going to the events that are planned for the students for that day. Meet new people! Who knows, maybe you’ll find your soon-to-be best friend while you’re at it!